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After-sale service of Deyouxin racking system

As one of the most professional rack manufacturers, we put good service as our top philosophy, feedback every complaint promptly and relieve our customers’ concerns we have specially set a customer service department to immediately deal with every customers’ complaint and provide information they need.

Product quality warranty period is 5 years, during which, we provide free maintenance or replace new product if there is something wrong with product quality. But it is beyond our product quality warranty if the product quality problem is caused by other factors, such as for lift truck conflicts, overloading: we can timely replace new ones and charge only material fees. Maintenance range: uprights deforming, beam distortion and peeling of painting.

Our product lasts 10 years under normal operation condition and user shall provide necessary and regular check and maintenance.

We will answer to every complaint in 2 hours and arrange technicians to the workshop for maintenance within 48 hours. And replace new products in one week if necessary.

Within one month the new racks are installed, our supervisor himself will visit every work site to check the product quality and operation condition. In the next 3 years, we will appoint our techinicians to make a irregular visit to check the safety and condition of our products.

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