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Pallet Racking for Storage

Your choice of industrial storage rack supplier will affect the profitability of your operations, over many years, with the purchase price being just one of many contributing factors. It is Steel King’s attention to the “big picture” of total material handling costs, and designing unique features into our pallet racking systems which address these factors that has lead to our becoming one of the largest manufacturers of warehouse rack systems.

One should consider the following factors, and their influence upon your bottom line: Industrial Storage Rack configuration choices will determine the efficiency of space utilization (storage density), accessibility to individual loads (selectivity), handling time, order fulfillment speed, and acquisition costs. Each warehouse facility, and even different areas within a facility, may have different needs.

Steel King offers you all pallet rack configurations, including: – Selective – Flow – Pushback – Double Deep Selective – Boat Rack – Seismic rack – Drive-in – Drive-thru – Mobile – Mezzanine rack – Rack supported buildings – Custom Configurations. Steel King will work with you, analyzing your pallet racking needs without obligation, to help you to make an informed choice of the best configurations for your operational goals. Design capabilities yield benefits you can’t get from a mere steel fabricator. CAD systems allow for accurate manufacturing, quick adaptation of standard designs to unique requirements, and accurate floorplan and drawings for your specific Steel King warehouse pallet rack system. This allows for quicker assembly and better utilization of space in your facility.

Our on-staff registered professional engineers design Steel King pallet racks to the specifications of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), of which we are a long time active member. Calculated capacities are then verified by testing at independent engineering laboratories. You can be confident of reliability with Steel King racks. Durability of the industrial storage rack components affects maintenance costs, expected service life of the rack, and safety. Pallet rack components designed to achieve the lowest possible purchase price, in exclusion of these other factors, often results in a significantly higher cost per year of service. Steel King is widely known for offering the industry’s most durable line of industrial storage racks.

Contact Steel King today for your industrial storage rack solutions and custom shipping racks. We even offer a 48 Hour Quick ship program so you can get your pallet system fast!



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