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The Pallet Shuttle System From Deyouxin

A deep lane storage and retrieval system. It is a carrier used to move pallets within a specifically designed racking structure, thus optimizing the storage capacity. The pallet shuttle system consists in a specific rack and a mobile shuttle. This shuttle is a self-powered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for the loading and unloading of pallets. It is transported to its location at the front or the back of a lane (in case of open back side) by a standard forklift. Once at its home position, the shuttle performs the loading and uploading tasks without any human intervention. These tasks are communicated by the fork lift driver using a remote control. Once the tasks are completed the shuttle returns to its home position and is then ready to be transported to a new location for a new task. Each shuttle unit has rechargeable batteries and is transferred between different storage tunnels by a standard fork lift truck. Shuttle systems are used for:

  • Handling whole pallets
  • Storage in batch quantities
  • Application in cold stores
  • Replenishing order picking tunnel systems
  • Application in buffer storage
  • Either first in, first out (FIFO) or last in, first out (LIFO) storage
  • Efficient retrieval times, as the FLT travel distance is reduced
  • Warehouses with limited human resources

By introducing more shuttles into a racking system, the performance will increase. The system can be used for new installations as well as for refurbishments, and is independent from the number and the depth of the lanes. The automated system guarantees the highest possible storage density.



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