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VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) racking

In the decades since 1978(The year China started the reform and opening up policy) , Chinese economy has been getting rapid development, so leads to a huge development of logistics industry. Nowaday pricing of real estate industry increased sharply, how to save warehouse area and maximize improvable warehousing space has been the biggest problem of every enterprise.Deyouxin Logistics System Equipment Co.,Ltd grasped this golden opportunity and did all-out efforts to help China medium small and micro-sized enterprises save storage logistics cost and enhance efficiency. Dedicated to create medium small and micro-sized enterprises modernize, intelligentize and systematize, realizing the top brand in warehousing logistics integrated solution and implementary.While the VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) racking system was just born at the right moment under this background. VNA racks: It is very obvious that it is named after due to matched with “three-direction stacker forklift ” carrying and very narrow aisle.
VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) racking system are composed of upright, beams, guide rail, narrow-aisle forklift and traditional forklift. Two sides of VNA was designed anti-collision guide rails, guide rails are adopted high-quality unequal angle steel, utilized M16 chemistry bolt lock it tightly on the ground, with the feature of strong loading capacity, so efficiently prevent uprights from being damaged.

Top pull rod is designed for the space among racks, so it can enhance entire stability of racks efficiently. All material stored by VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) racking system possess optionality 100%. Forklift can store any pallet at any time, and with high-speed store efficiency and high storage density. For the whom is suitable to adopt VNA system, it can obviously bring remarkable producing efficiency and cost saving.

Feature of VNA system:
1, High storage density, optionality 100%, high speed circulation for the cargo, forklift can reach 15 meters.
2,Plane use ratio ordinarily can be 60%, storage space can reach more than 70% once the configuration style changed to best way and space height increas.

Client case: Andritz —- VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) racking system

7 indexes of Deyouxin steel structure platform
1、Coefficient factor is 1.95
2、Safety warranty 20years
3、Program design made one to one, storage ratio get 60% rised.
4、Realize warehouse WMS system management.
5、Investment redound period is 36 months.
6、All life long maintenance policy.
7、50 million amount insurance covered by PICC, to make user without any worries.



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